Vanessa Alonso

Vanessa was born and raised in Venezuela, and migrated to Australia 10 years ago.

She had a glimpse of yoga as a teenager, but her yoga practice started in 2005 when she totally connected with it.
She travelled to India to complete her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, where she deeply connected with the principle Yamas & Niyamas, especially Ahimsa. Since then, her yoga journey and lifestyle became very transformational. She is originally a Bachelor in Chemistry, but started teaching yoga in Australia after coming back from India. She has also been passionate about cooking since childhood. At some point, her yoga path fused her passion for the kitchen with the healing power of plants and later she also became a Raw Chef Teacher in Bali where she lived and worked for 3 years educating and assisting students to transition to a compassionate plant-based lifestyle. 

“Yoga goes way beyond the physical postures; it actually starts out of the mat by the prints we leave in our environment and the way we nourish our body and mind, in other words, how we interact with our external world and how we interact with our Self”.


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