Sylvana Miller

Sylvana is an accomplished senior registered level 3 yoga teacher certified by Yoga Australia, with additional qualifications as a Soft Tissue Therapist. Her journey into yoga began during her time at University when she was just 20 years old, marking the
inception of a profound personal exploration that continued for over a decade. It wasn’t until her travels through South America in 2010, where she experienced the transformative effects of daily yoga practice over three-month interval, that
Sylvana resolved to deepen her understanding of yoga.

In 2011, she embarked on a rigorous journey of learning by enrolling in Yoga Teacher training in Perth, where she completed a
comprehensive 950-hour program in Hatha Vinyasa at Yoga Space Perth and Home of Yoga Cottesloe. Sylvana’s dedication to
her craft didn’t stop there; she pursued further studies in specialized areas including Yin yoga with Jo Phee of Yinspiration, as
well as Myoyin with Jo Phee and Franziska_Yin_Yoga. Additionally, she expanded her expertise to encompass Pregnancy,
Postnatal, and Baby yoga through Birthlight UK.

Throughout the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, Sylvana continued her education by engaging in online courses with
renowned instructors such as Lucas Rockwood from Yoga Body, focusing on Yoga Trapeze and breathwork. Leveraging her
extensive training and experience, Sylvana integrates her yoga practice seamlessly into her work as a Soft Tissue Therapist,
providing holistic benefits to her clients. Whether teaching at Yoga on the Farm in-studio or virtually, Sylvana’s dedication to
yoga shines through, enriching the lives of her students and clients alike.

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