Sarah Collin

Sarah Collin is passionate about wellness and has been teaching yoga and meditation for over fifteen years. Sarah is also a certified yoga therapist and holistic health practitioner working with people one on one and in small groups to restore wellness.

Sarah’s focus is on empowering people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, and she does this using yoga in all it’s forms. From the physical asana to the most subtle aspects of managing prana, using sound and meditation to evoke change from the inside out.

Sarah has developed and continues to grow a unique and personal online studio, a platform where you can access a full range of classes from ten to ninety minutes covering yoga and meditation from beginner level to specific health issues. On this platform you can access handouts and monthly challenges to keep you motivated and engaged. You also have access to Ayurvedic seasonal lifestyle recordings and live chats with Sarah.


Sarah looks forward to sharing with you at the 2024 Bunbury Yoga Festival.

Festival class details:

  • Dru Yoga for calling your power back
  • Sound Yoga for Awakening Your Heart Song

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