Krystyn Smale

My living experience of mental health challenges since my teenage years drove me to seek answers and to find ways to live more peacefully, more authentically and with joy and ease. This came as I learned to integrate pain and trauma through yoga and breathwork. I’ve practiced yoga and meditation for over 12 years and breathwork since 2017. The shifts I made were so profound, I knew I needed to share them and am so grateful to now be able to offer these modalities to our community.

I entered the shamanic realm without initially realising it. By following a serendipitous trail of breadcrumbs I found breathwork which allowed me to shed limitations and put pieces of my life puzzle together to heal from the core; and eventually led me to train as a facilitator. Life remains a continual process of recalibrating with my purpose and revealing my wholeness. I do my best to honour the ebbs and flows, moving in sync with life’s rhythm and I am here to walk alongside you as you move through your process.

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This path has shown me that there is more to this world than we usually perceive with our typically known senses. There is a subtle world, a subtle body and simply energy that holds many of the answers we seek. It is available to all and when one taps into this information, there are many aha’s to be had! I was being guided to these other realms, to undergo deep shadow work (integration of the unconscious or hidden parts or our psyche) through both shamanism and yoga. They have room for this. They have room for probably anything one could experience as far as I can tell. For this reason I chose to train with Venus Rising University (USA) to enable me to facilitate Shamanic Breathwork. I was trained by founder Linda Star Wolf who carries on the lineage of the Wolf Clan of the Seneca Nation through her adopted Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. I am not a Shaman. I don’t claim to be a healer but I will facilitate space and experiences that can allow you to receive your own healing and integration through your own inner Shaman – though you don’t have to call it that if it doesn’t fit for you.

In yoga therapy I trained directly with Kamini Desai of Amrit Yoga Institute. Kamini is the daughter of Amritji Desai who carries forward the Lakulish lineage directly taught to him by Swami Kripalu a renowned master of Kundalini yoga. Kamini is also a psychologist who created the Integrative Amrit Method (I AM) of yoga therapy to combine ancient yogic wisdom with modern psychology. This lineage was the perfect choice for me as I sought to steer my yoga services towards a focus on mental health and transcendence of trauma. Other relevant qualifications I hold are an Undergraduate Certificate in Human Biology and certificates in Yoga Teacher Training (200hr), Trauma Informed Yoga (30hr), Advanced Intentional Peer Support, emotional CPR (eCPR) and Alternatives to Suicide group facilitation.

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