Kayla Hetherington

I am in awe of the transformational healing power of the breath; this led me to further my learnings and become a qualified breathwork and cold therapy instructor. 

I dream of a simple life, filled with meaningful connections between humans and nature. I have become increasingly interested in exploring our innate instincts: whether that be how we eat, move or heal ourselves. I am an observer, listener and nurturer who finds joy in living a holistic lifestyle. Getting my hands dirty in the garden, grounding my feet in nature and surrounding myself with like-minded people, brings me back into alignment. 

There is so much to explore and experience within the world of breathwork; whether it be to improve physical performance, general wellbeing or to calm the mind. We are all on our own paths to discovering life and the breath. I would love to meet you on your journey and help you on your way.


Instagram @innate_calling

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