Lucia Garcia Ros

Hello! My name is Lucia, dedicated yoga teacher and holistic coach thru en to guide individuals towards a balanced and fulfilling life. I believe that true well-being encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our existence. Through my practice, I empower individuals to cultivate balance in both body and mind.

Seven years ago, my personal journey led me through the depths of mental health and body image disorder challenges. Even from a young age, I sensed that life could be approached differently. I yearned for a path that resonated with my soul, and that quest led me to became a PT, then yoga, and coaching found me to reveal the path that was true to ME. These modalities illuminated my path, revealing a purpose: guiding others to discover their ‘why,’ reconnect with their authentic voice, and truly shine. Along this transformative journey, I encountered the wisdom of Akashic Records and Reiki, treasures that have enriched my understanding of holistic well-being.

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