Ani Sixto

Yoga has always been on my bucket list for when I could be settled in my life.

However, while I was going through a dark moment in my life, I realised that people only have a solved life when they are not in this world anymore.

I decided to not postpone my dreams ever again. I heard  my call and I travelled to Bali to attend my first yoga training.

Happily I finally found my passion! There I finally found what I was looking for during my whole life.

A month later, I decided to attend my second yoga course but now, in India, Rishikesh. 

Here I found the focus that I was looking for, the way of how I want to share this ancient and holy practice: putting myself available for others with the mission of helping people to connect with themselves and with the present.

In this Vinyasa Flow class we will open our heart, we will connect our breath with our body and mind. Our movements will flow together with every single breath. We will feel ourselves taking care of it.

We are going to learn how to disconnect for a moment from the external world to be able to travel to our inner.

Are you ready to try it together?

With love,



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